19 de Febrero de 2006

Tenth Expedition UPDATE:

Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise


***** Tenth UPDATE *****
RE:   Our upcoming Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise

I have been informed by our expedition organizer, Steve Currey, that we still need another 15 to 20 full paying expedition members to pull off our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise.  We have, therefore, found it necessary to put up our departure date another year so we can recruit the few more expedition members needed.  Our new departure date has now been reset to June 26, 2007

Let me explain what we are facing to finalize this expedition.  Due to the price that the Yamal is charging us to charter our expedition, which is substantial, we need a certain number of expedition members or money from sponsors to pay for this trip.  There are still some entrepreneurial sponsors considering supporting the expedition, including scientific groups.  The Yamal nuclear icebreaker is NOT a cheap ship to charter.  Steve has diligently tried to find a more affordable ship -- but so far has been unable to find one.  He has considered chartering a diesel icebreaker, but diesel icebreakers don't measure up to our expedition requirements.

For one, diesel icebreakers don't have enough power to get through the ice to the pole.  At http://www.calflora.net/northpole/, you can read about how a diesel icebreaker following the Yamal to the north pole in July, 1994, frequently became trapped in the ice and the Yamal would have to turn around and free up the diesel icebreaker so it could make it to the pole behind the Yamal.  Then also, diesel icebreakers do not have the range necessary in fuel to make it to our destination and back.  Steve has tried to find a smaller nuclear icebreaker that would charge us less, but so far has been unable to locate one.  Steve has also sought the backing of sponsors for our expedition, but none have come forth as yet.  This expedition continues to be a we, the people, expedition, financed by each of us paying our own ticket on the cruise.

Another requirement of the Murmansk company for us to charter the Yamal, is that they want our deposit one year in advance of our departure date.  In view of these facts, Steve Currey has found it necessary to put up our expedition another year.  Our goal is to recruit another 15-20 expedition members by the summer of 2006 so that Steve can then pay the final deposit monies on the Yamal for a departure date of June 26, 2007.  So if you are an expedition member, do not reserve your airline ticket to Moscow/Murmansk until we notify you that the ship's reservation deposits have been paid, which we hope to have completed by June 2006.

Expedition News

We have been recently contacted by Dr. Brooks Agnew, a world-renowned scientist that has committed to joining our expedition, and will be putting together a scientific team and equipment to help us document our discoveries.

Now, regarding the hollow earth theory, recently the idea surfaced again questioning the location of the north polar opening that we will be attempting to locate on this expedition.  An expedition member brought up the question:

Is the North Polar Opening located in the Beaufort Sea north of Canada, or on the Russian side of the pole? 

The argument in favor of the polar opening on the Canadian side of the pole proposes that the largest basin in the Arctic sea is located north of Canada -- in the Beaufort Sea.  The ocean currents there rotate clockwise in a giant whirlpool.  It is suggested that maybe the ocean water is draining down the polar opening in that area.  In fact, in the center of the Beaufort Gyre is the location of the lowest ocean tides in the Arctic Ocean.  Jan Lamprecht of South Africa brought this up when he was studying this area for his book, Hollow Planets.  You can view the tidal map on his website at http://www.hollowplanets.com/journal/J0007Tides.jpg.

My answer to this is that the Beaufort Gyre is caused by the Transpolar Drift.  See http://seis.natsci.csulb.edu/rmorris/seaice/Drift.jpg

The Transpolar Drift has been known since at least the days of Fridtjof Nansen, who in 1893 sailed his ship, the Fram, north of the New Siberian Islands looking for Sannikov land, which the Russians had seen a mirage of in that direction.  Nansen embedded his ship in the ice and drifted across the Arctic in the ice flows to the east side of Greenland.  This arctic current called the Transpolar Drift acts like a swift running stream of water in a ditch.  In fact, the underwater canyons in this area follow the same direction as the Transpolar Drift.  On this map, http://go.hrw.com/atlas/norm_map/arcticoc.gif, you can see three ocean bottom ridges crossing the Arctic ocean in the same direction as the Transpolar Drift. 

As you look at the above mentioned map of the Transpolar Drift, you will notice that a powerful ocean current comes out of the area where I estimate the north polar opening is located north of the New Siberian Islands.  This current carries ice out of the polar opening across the Arctic Ocean to the Greenland side of the pole causing eddy currents on either side of the Transpolar Drift.  The eddy current on the Canadian side of the Transpolar Drift produces the Beaufort Gyre north of Canada and rotates clockwise.  This eddy current causes the ice to pile up onto the shores of northern Canada to the greatest depths of anywhere in the Arctic ocean. The thinnest ice is located where the ice comes from -- in an area north of the New Siberian Islands where I estimate the polar opening is located.  Then on the Russian/European side of the Transpolar Drift in the Barents Sea, the eddy current rotates counter-clockwise. 

When reviewing this phenomenon of the Transpolar Drift, I realized a most significant evidence for the location of the polar opening.  It is a jet stream of air that follows the same path of the Transpolar Drift across the north pole.  Studying this, I then realized that this jet stream of moist air is coming up out of the polar opening north of the New Siberian Islands, flows across the arctic and drops it's moist air onto the Greenland ice cap.  Over the years, this has resulted in an accumulation of ice on the Greenland continent to the awesome depth of nearly two miles

Consider this for a moment. What if this moist jet stream of air, over the years, had instead flowed over Alaska, or Siberia, or the Norway-Sweden-Finland peninsula -- which are all at the same latitude as Greenland?  If it had, those places would today be covered by an ice cap 2 miles thick just like Greenland is today!  If we follow that jet stream of moist air from Greenland back across the Arctic, we find that it points to the location of the polar opening -- on the Russian side of the pole!  The same thing is happening in Antarctica.  Warm, moist air coming up out of the polar opening, which I estimate is located at 39 W Lon, 84.4 S Lat, has covered the east Antarctic ice cap to a depth of over 2 miles!

My conclusion from this evidence is that the Arctic Transpolar ice pack and current drift across the pole from the area north of the New Siberian islands to Greenland with a jet stream of moist warm air dumping snow and ice onto Greenland ice cap to the phenomenal depth of two miles in thickness.  This indicates to me that the polar opening is located on the Russian side of the pole near 84.4 N Lat, 141 E Lon, where I have estimated it to be located.

It cannot be denied that there is a strong current flowing out of that area north of the New Siberian Islands.  It is the location where most of the freshwater ice in the Arctic is coming from.  Eddy currents on each side of the Transpolar Drift flowing out of that area cause the Beaufort Gyre to rotate clockwise and the gyre in the Barents Sea to rotate counter clockwise on either side of this swift current of water coming up out of the polar opening.  Perhaps the Transpolar jet stream and ice flows originate from the valley of the River Hiddekel that empties into the Arctic Ocean within the polar opening from the Inner Continent.

In his book, Olaf explained where the ice comes from that fills the Transpolar Drift current, when he wrote, "...about three-fourths of the 'inner' surface of the earth is land and about one-fourth water. There are numerous rivers of tremendous size, some flowing in a northerly direction and others southerly. Some of these rivers are thirty miles in width, and it is out of these vast waterways, at the extreme northern and southern parts of the 'inside' surface of the earth, in regions where low temperatures are experienced that fresh water icebergs are formed. They are then pushed out to sea like huge tongues of ice, by the abnormal freshets of turbulent waters that twice every year, sweep everything before them." (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 122, 123)

Does water drain down the polar opening?

It was pointed out to me that perhaps the low tide in the center of the Beaufort Gyre is an indication that water is draining down the polar opening.  It is not.  The low tide in that area is caused by the whirlpool of water in an eddy of the Transpolar Drift --  just like the eye of a hurricane.  It does not mean that water is draining down a polar opening into the hollow interior.

The idea that water must drain down the polar hole, if it exists, is based on the flawed idea scientists have that the center of gravity is located in the center of the earth.  Granted, there is a small center of gravity located in the Central Sun, but since 99.9% of the earth's mass is located in it's 800-mile thick shell, the center of gravity for us on the surface of the planet, within the polar opening, and on the inner surface of the shell is located in the SHELL of the earth -- NOT the center of the earth.  The center of gravity in the shell is actually a sphere -- located about 450 - 700 miles down in the shell from the outer surface.  Gravity accelerates towards this central sphere of gravity in the shell from within and without, and within the polar opening -- keeping our feet firmly planted on the surface of the planet.  Even on the sides of the polar opening, gravity holds the water to the sides of the opening.

What about Jan Lamprecht's conclusion that the polar opening is located in the Beaufort Sea north of Canada?

In his book, Hollow Planets, Jan Lamprecht did seem to come to the conclusion that the polar opening must be located between northern Canada and the pole -- somewhere out in the Beaufort Sea.  My conclusion is different because Jan Lamprecht did not take into account the missing Soviet Flyers, Olaf Jansen, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Ronald Amundsen, and Fridtjof Nansen.  Taking into consideration these accounts, together with the sightings of the mirages of land sighted out over the Arctic Ocean from Canada, Alaska and Russia, as Jan Lamprecht covered so well in his book -- when all the evidence is considered -- then the location of the polar opening weighs in greater on the Russian side of the pole -- the way I see it.

Jan Lamprecht publishes on his website an article written by Lt. Green in 1923 in the Popular Science Monthly magazine titled, Will the ZR-1 Discover a Polar Paradise?  In his article, Lt. Fitzhugh Green, who was Admiral Peary's physicist and co-explorer with MacMillan, actually believed that a mirage Admiral Peary sighted northwest of Ellesmere Island, northern Canada, was an undiscovered island in the Arctic Ocean.  Admiral Peary even named that undiscovered land, Crockerland.  In his article, Lt. Green depicted this island to be located mostly on the Russian side of the pole.  See map http://www.ourhollowearth.com/map.gif.  The Navy dirigible, the ZR-1 was scheduled to look for it on a flight from Point Barrow to Spitzbergen that very next summer of 1924, but it crashed and didn't make that flight. 

Two years later, however, in 1926, both Admiral Richard E. Byrd and Roald Amundsen took flights into the Arctic to look for that missing island that Lt. Green wanted to find with the ZR-1.  Amundsen flew his dirigible from Spitzbergen to Alaska but did not see any land where Lt. Green proposed it would be located.  However, they did find higher temperatures and anomalous fog in the vicinity of the pole, and were surprised that when they arrived in Alaska, they were 100 miles too far west of Point Barrow that they didn't even see it.  This indicates to me that this skewing of their direct line of flight from Spitzbergen to Point Barrow over the pole, towards the west, may have been caused by dipping down somewhat into the polar opening located on the Russian side of the pole.  If the polar opening is located on the Canadian side of the pole, their line of flight would have been skewed towards the Canadian side of the pole caused by the curvature of the earth into the polar opening.

In one chapter of his book, Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic, Vilhjalmur Stefannson covers the mystery of the Missing Soviet Flyers, who in August 1937 were flying north of the Kara Sea from Russia to Alaska, and were lost somewhere in the Arctic Ocean.  Radio transmissions from the ill-fated flight were received, but grew fainter and fainter until they were received no more.  Subsequent rescue flights flew all over that area north of Canada and were unable to locate them.  Moscow called off the search after 7 months.  The flight paths of the rescue effort was also given in his book on a map showing their flights all over that area north of Canada and Alaska -- which indicates to me that the polar opening is not located in that area.  On the other hand, if you draw a line from the Kara Sea to Alaska, it passes directly over the area I estimate the polar opening is located -- on the Russian side of the pole near 84.4 N Lat, 141 E Lon.

In 1829, Olaf and Jens Jansen sailed in their small fishing boat through a lead in the ice from the northern shores of Franz Josef land in a North East direction when they accidentally found the north polar opening and sailed through it into Inner Earth.  This direction would put the polar opening on the Russian side of the pole.

On page 66 of The Smoky God, Olaf Jansen mentioned that as he and his father left Franz Josef Land on their expedition to the Hollow Earth, "we seemed to be in a strong current running north by northeast."  On their third day's sailing northeast of Franz Josef Land, they discovered an island with a large accumulation of drift-wood on the northern shore, trunks of coniferous trees two feet in diameter and forty feet long.  This encouraged them to continue north in hopes of finding the legendary land where the "Chosen" people lived -- cousins of their ancestors who had migrated there centuries ago.  Again, several days further on, on page 84, Olaf reported, "...we discovered...that we were sailing slightly north by northeast."

Jan Lamprecht rejected Olaf's testimony as being a book of fiction, as some claim.  However, my research indicates that it is not a book of fiction, but the real life story of Olaf Jansen, published after his death by his friend, George Emerson.  Emerson wrote several books in his lifetime, but none like The Smoky God.  He claimed Olaf's story was the story given to him by his dying friend, an immigrant to America from Sweden.  People usually do not lie between their teeth on their death bed.  Several things in Olaf's story indicates to me it is a truthful story of his life. 

For example, Olaf and his father were believers in their ancestor gods, Odin and Thor -- to their dying days.  Yet Olaf reported that the Inner Earth people believe in Jehovah -- the god of the ancient Israelites.  If this was a book of fiction, the writer would have had them find a people related to them that also believed in Odin and Thor, and would have reported that their gods had guided them to that land of paradise inside the earth.  Also, if it was a book of fiction, why then didn't the author have them find the capital city of Inner Earth to be Asgard of Norwegian legend, instead of the Garden of Eden? 

On the scientific side, consider that Olaf didn't know what the "star" was that he was seeing directly over their heads as they passed through the polar opening.  If you think about it, it obviously was the reflection of our outer sun's light reflecting off the surface of the ocean on the opposite side of the polar opening above their heads.  If this was a book of fiction, the author would most likely have explained what was the cause of that prominent "star" that Olaf saw in broad daylight.

Several critics of Olaf's story said they could not understand why Olaf would say that his compass always pointed towards the north pointer on his compass even after they were going south on the inside of the earth.  This is easily explained by comparing the earth to a magnet or electric coil, the magnetic field of which has field lines coming out one end, going over the outside of the magnet or coil to the other end and going inside and continuing the same loop inside and out. 

Scientists today describe the earth as a giant magnet.  The flux of the earth's magnetism is what causes the compass needle to point north.  That magnetic flux exits the earth from the magnetic south pole, flows over the surface of the planet and enters the earth at the magnetic north pole -- just like a magnet.  That flux continues on the inside to the south pole where it exits again to the outside on a never ending flow in and out of the earth.  When comparing the earth to a magnet or the flux of an electric coil, you find that the magnetic flux of both act the same -- so that the inside of our hollow earth's north pole is our south pole, and their south pole is our north magnetic pole.  Knowing this, then you realize why a magnetic compass will point to the north pole bearing on the compass as you pass through and into the hollow earth through the north polar opening -- just as Olaf Jansen reported.  This is most probably why Our Hollow Earth in scripture is called the "North Countries."  The compass needle is following the earth's magnetic flux inside the earth and always points to the north marking on the compass as you go through the polar opening and into the interior.  Once you get on the interior of the earth, the compass needle continues to point to the north marking on the compass because their north pole is our south pole.

Along this same line of thought, the critics could not understand why Olaf could say that the interior sun appears to come up in the east in the morning and go down in the west.  The reason Olaf could say this is because the interior sun is 23 times larger in apparent size than our outer sun and so covers a larger portion of the inner sky.  Additionally, this inner sun is divided between it's day and night sides -- the night side having a reddish-brown darker luminiscence, the day's side covered by a bright white-like cloud.  Understanding that the interior world's directions are the exact opposite of ours with their north pole at our south pole, then their east and west are also opposite ours -- so that since the earth rotates from west to east on the outside, even so on the inside the earth also rotates from west to east and so the inner sun's bright white cloud emerges in the morning on the east side of the inner sun just like our sun emerges in the morning also in the east.  So now you see Olaf's critics in this regard did not think this through very clearly.

Jan Lamprecht also rejected the testimony of Admiral Richard E. Byrd as fictional stories -- perhaps because of a study done by hollow earth researcher Dennis Crenshaw of a fictional account of Byrd's February flight of 1947 through the north polar opening into our hollow earth.  That account may be fiction, but I know from different sources that what was reported in that account actually did happen and that the Admiral tried several times to tell the world about his discovery that our earth is hollow in his world-wide radio broadcasts, but he was prevented from doing so by the government and his military superiors. 

My friend, John Gagne, that I met in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1981, was told by Admiral Byrd's close friend, Sylvia Darvell, that the Admiral had confided in her after his Arctic flight of February 1947, beyond the North Pole, while the New York Times was saying that he was in Antarctica, that he actually was in the Arctic and flew past the ice BEYOND the north geographic pole, and flew through the polar opening into Inner Earth where he was sided by flying saucer-type craft of Inner Earth and landed near an Inner Earth city.  He was taken in and interviewed by one of their government officials who asked him to deliver a message to Washington that they oppose our use of nuclear weapons.

F. Amadeo Giannini wrote in his 1959 book, Worlds Beyond the Poles,  "This United States Navy's polar exploratory force was preparing to embark upon one of the most memorable adventures in world history. Under the command of Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, U.S.N., it was to penetrate into land extending beyond the North Pole supposed end of the Earth...As the hour approached for air journey into the land beyond, Admiral Byrd transmitted from the Arctic base a radio announcement of his purpose, but the announcement was so astonishing that its import was lost to millions who avidly read it in press headlines throughout the world...The words of the message were momentous: 'I'd like to see that LAND BEYOND the Pole."..."That area BEYOND the Pole is THE CENTER OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN!'

Now, when Admiral Byrd flew BEYOND the pole when he flew through the north polar opening in February 1947, he did that from the American side of the pole, not the Russian side.  If he had flown from the Russian side of the pole, then beyond the pole would be on the American/Canadian side of the pole.  But Admiral Byrd was not flying for the Russians, but for the U.S. Navy -- from America.  The fact that he said he flew "beyond" the pole indicates to me that he discovered the north polar opening on the Russian side of the north geographic pole.

Consider also the testimony of Ray Palmer, editor of SEARCH and FLYING SAUCERS magazines, in which he testified of Byrd's discovery of Our Hollow Earth. Palmer lived in Amherst, Wisconsin. He wrote in his magazine, that about three miles away was the hometown of the late Lloyd K. Grenlie who was a friend of his. Grenlie "...was the radio-man on Admiral Byrd's expedition to the South Pole in 1926 and to both poles in 1929."

"It was emphatically denied that he made flights to BOTH poles in 1929." However, Palmer continued, "That year a newsreel could be seen in America's theaters which described BOTH flights, and also showed newsreel photographs of the 'land beyond the pole with its mountains, trees, rivers, and a large animal identified as a mammoth.'"

"Today this newsreel apparently does not exist, although hundreds of my readers remember as I do, this movie short. Thus, I have it on my own personal viewing of this movie short, and from the radio-man who went with Byrd to that land beyond the pole and SAW the things recorded on that film, that this unknown, uncharted, and presently denied land exists!" (FLYING SAUCERS, Sept. 1970)

Jack West, a leader of the LDS church in California, who also was an amateur archeologist, said in a seminar (the tape recording of which I have in my possession), "You see, I heard that broadcast as many of you did, by Admiral Byrd. For he testified, 'We've flown hundreds of miles north of the north pole, every inch of the way, over beautiful forest land and green hills and lovely blue waters, and we've seen giant animals down there in the woods.' And then they had to return because they were almost out of gas. He went to the south pole. Got more gas this time; went still farther south of the SOUTH pole, every inch of the way he testified, over blue waters and beautiful wooded areas and green hills."

"Now, I don't know the answer. All I know is that the greatest number of sightings of UFO's have been near the north and south poles. Wouldn't that be fascinating if some of them are coming from down inside? Yes, they are way ahead of us they all testify. Get this book called, THE HOLLOW EARTH. It's a scientific book this time; gives evidence all over the place that the government purposely quieted down and hushed up that story of Admiral Byrd that I heard both of his international broadcasts as many of you did on international radio hookup when he told about these stories. Believe me, HE WAS NOT OFF HIS ROCKER! I believe with all my heart that they literally did exactly what he said they did!"

The Norwegian arctic explorer, Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, in his book, Farthest North, relates his observations of several anomalous phenomena on his Arctic expedition of 1893-94 in the ship, the Fram.  Nansen's observations are signficant -- because of all Arctic explorers we have record of, Nansen was the one that got closest to the North Polar Opening without entering and discovering it.

First, Nansen discovered a substantial stretch of open ocean north of the New Siberian Islands that continues to this very day, see http://www.ourhollowearth.com/EarthImage.jpg from the Earth Imaging website at http://livingearth.com/.  In contrast, in his passage north of Norway and Russia to the New Siberian Islands, he had to stay close to the coast to get past the ice.  And yet, on their way north of the New Siberian Islands, in September of 1893, they didn't find ice until 79 degrees N. Latitude.  Only after 7 days sailing north over rolling open ocean did they reach the pack ice north of the New Siberian Islands.

Then to their surprise out on the ice pack, they found a remarkable number of birds of various kinds including snipe and seagulls, also foxes, walrus and polar bears that indicated they were in the proximity of land towards the north.  They passed the winter with their ship frozen in the ice pack and while waiting out the winter, they took scientific measurements and observations.  They found rock and large quantities of mud and driftwood on some of the icebergs that indicated to Nansen that much of the Arctic ice originates in some river, perhaps further to the north than they were then located -- in some uncharted land.

In mid winter, on January 17th, 1894, at 79 deg N Latitude, 135 deg 29' E Longitude, observations by Nansen found that a north wind raised the temperature while a south wind lowered it, indicating that warm air was coming out of the north in winter -- perhaps from a land further north warmed by an inner sun.  Nansen also discovered that ocean water temperatures were warmer the further down he measured it beneath the ice, as also the air temperature above the ice when measured from the ship's crows nest was discovered to be warmer than next to the ice.

Then at 80 deg 1' N Latitude, when Nansen was located 303 miles from the center of my estimated location of the North Polar Opening, on February 16-19 Nansen caught sight of a mirage of the inner sun.  They were then located on the lip of the polar opening.  Nansen had no knowledge of our hollow earth, nor of the polar openings.  He thought it must be a mirage of our outer sun, but it was mid-winter, in the Arctic polar night that lasts 6 months of the year.  Most likely it was a sighting of a mirage of the Inner Sun.

Olaf Jansen and his fisherman father, who attained the land of Our Hollow Earth in a voyage in their small fishing boat through the North Polar Opening, tells of their first sighting of the interior sun. It was the first part of August 1829. At first, Olaf's father thought it was a mirage.  They had been sailing about 15 days northeast from Franz Josef Land when Olaf records: "One day about this time, my father startled me by calling my attention to a novel sight far in front of us, almost at the horizon. 'It is a mock sun,' exclaimed my father. 'I have read of them; it is called a reflection or mirage. It will soon pass away.'"

"But this dull-red, false sun, as we supposed it to be, did not pass away for several hours; and while we were unconscious of its emitting any rays of light, still there was no time thereafter when we could not sweep the horizon in front and locate the illumination of the so-called false sun, during a period of at least twelve hours out of every twenty-four."

"Clouds and mists would at times almost, but never entirely, hid its location. Gradually it seemed to climb higher in the horizon of the uncertain purply sky as we advanced."

"It could hardly be said to resemble the sun, except in its circular shape, and when not obscured by clouds or the ocean mists, it had a hazy-red, bronzed appearance, which would change to a white light like a luminous cloud, as if reflecting some greater light beyond."

"We finally agreed in our discussion of this smoky furnace-colored sun, that, whatever the cause of the phenomenon, it was not a reflection of our sun, but a planet of some sort--a reality." (THE SMOKY GOD, pp. 85-7)

On page 162, Nansen recorded, "Monday, February 19th... Both today and yesterday we have seen the mirage of the Sun again; today it was high above the horizon, and almost seemed to assume a round, disk-like form."  He remarked that it had a hazy, smoky-red color -- similar to the description of the inner sun given by Olaf Jansen, whose father also at first thought it was a mirage.

Come summer, Nansen went out on the ice pack and investigated a pollen-like substance that seemed to cover the ice everywhere with a brownish color. 

Inner Earth explorer Olaf Jansen explains that the northern shores of the inner world are covered with large fields that grow flowers, whose pollen is blown out over the Arctic ice fields through the North Polar Opening. 

Then volcanic dust fell on the Fram and settled everywhere causing discomfort and irritation.  Nansen wrote in his ship's journal, "Let us go home.  What have we to stay for?  Nothing but dust, dust, dust."  There must have been volcanic eruption on the inner continent near the Polar Opening.  The dust may have blown out of the Polar Opening onto the ice and upon Nansen's ship, the Fram.

Prior to his Arctic expedition, Nansen had visited Russia and consulted with their experts about their sighting of a mirage of land they termed Sannikov land north of the New Siberian Islands.  The New Siberian islands even today are covered with bones and remains of mammoths and other inner earth animals that Olaf Jansen claims fell into ice crevasses of inner earth rivers that empty into the Arctic Polar Opening where they froze and later were carried out to sea and eventually ended up deposited onto northern Arctic shores.  Remains of woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer, mammoth, foxes and a hardy breed horse that scientists claim are prehistoric are preserved in the Arctic ice.  Recently, some scientists have been attempting to find some of these exotic animal remains that are frozen and preserved in Arctic ice. They want to take samples of the frozen flesh and use it to clone these exotic animals to start a sort of Jurassic Park.  Little do they know that a Jurassic Park of sorts already exists located inside Our Hollow Earth, and can be reached through the North Polar Opening, north of the New Siberian Islands, from whence all the frozen exotic carcasses come from.

It is important to note that the frozen mammoth remains and other animal remains increase in number the farther north one goes in Siberia, being most numerous in the New Siberian Islands.  You can read this report at http://www.creationevidence.org/scientific_evid/mammoths/mammoths.html.  This indicates to me that these mammoth and exotic animal remains were perhaps spewed out of our hollow earth through the polar opening north of the New Siberian Islands onto the Siberian coasts by the water of Noah's flood or some subsequent world-wide catastrophe such as at the time of the Israelite exodus from Eypgt in 1495 B.C.  Scientists have belabored over the origin of these frozen mammoth remains in Siberia for decades, but Olaf Jansen gave the answer to how these animals are found mangled with large tree trunk remains and undigested vegetation in their stomachs.  He reported that they originate from inside our Hollow Earth.

Several have suggested that because the north magnetic pole is today located in the Beaufort Sea, that perhaps this indicates that the polar opening is located there.  This ignores the fact that the magnetic poles move.  Four hundred years ago, the north magnetic pole was located in northern Europe, so does that mean the polar opening has moved also?

Assuming that the earth in the creation period, was most probably formed in rotation, the polar openings would have formed at the polar axis of the earth where centrifugal force would have thrown matter away from the axis of rotation.  Yet when the polar opening was formed and the earth solidified to its present solid state, those openings would then be fixed in the solid shell of the earth -- and not moving around with the movement of the magnetic poles.

Subsequent passages of planet sized comets may have tipped the earth on its axis somewhat so that now the polar openings are now not centered over the geographic poles of the earth, but located approximately 5 degrees from the pole. 

Mirages of the Inner Continent within the polar opening have been sighted all around the Arctic.  The Russians have sighted it north of the New Siberian Islands.  Admiral Peary, MacMillan, Lt. Green and some eskimos sighted it northwest of Ellesmere Island.  Dr. Cook took a picture of it on his way to the pole in 1907 at about 84 N Lat, 95.3 W Lon, and named it Bradley land, see http://www.hollowplanets.com/images/bradley2.gif.  He said it appeared to the west of his trek to the pole.  He was located at that time at 84 N Latitude -- on the same latitude the polar opening is mostly likely located -- towards the west of his position -- at 84.4 N Lat, 141 E Lon, where I have estimated the polar opening is located.  

If the polar opening is located in the Beaufort Sea, Dr. Cook would have sighted it towards the southwest of his position at the time.  The Beaufort Sea location is also southwest of Axel Heiberg Island near Ellesmere Island where Admiral Peary, MacMillian and Lt. Green sighted Crocker land.  Yet they clearly stated that they sighted Crocker land towards the northwest of their position, not southwest.   Captain Keenan reportedly sighted a mirage of land north of Harrison Bay, Alaska, as well as others.  I think what is happening is that warm, moist air coming up out of the polar opening on the Russian side of the pole spreads the mirage of land over the landscape curvature of the opening as it curves out towards the pole allowing the Russians to see it north of the New Siberian Islands, the Canadians to see it northwest of Ellesmere Island, and the Americans to see it north of Alaska.

Certainly, in our search for the polar opening in our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition, we will come within 400 miles of it so that we can detect it's exact location with our gyroscopes.  You are invited to join us on this historic adventure of discovery, now rescheduled to depart Murmansk, Russia, June 26, 2007.

You can find a full color expedition brochure in Adobe PDF format online at

Join us today on our Voyage to Our Hollow Earth!

Next Year In Eden,

Rodney M. Cluff, author
World Top Secret:  Our Earth Is Hollow!


Steve C. Currey, President
Steve Currey's Expedition Company

To reserve your place on the Voyage to Our Hollow Earth expedition cruise, call Steve Currey toll free at 1-800-937-7238, or fill out and mail in the reservation form on his website at:


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Steve or write him at


Actualizaciones Anteriores en Ingles:   

22 de Agosto de 2005

**** Nineth Expedition UPDATE: Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise ****


10 de Mayo de 2005

**** Eighth Expedition UPDATE: Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise ****


05 Abril de 2005

**** Seventh Expedition UPDATE: Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise ****


23 de Diciembre de 2004

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01 de Julio de 2004

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30 de Abril de 2004

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25 de Marzo de 2004

**** Third Expedition UPDATE: Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise ****


05 de Enero de 2004

**** Second Expedition UPDATE: Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise ****


24 de Noviembre de 2003

**** First Expedition UPDATE: Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition Cruise ****


Respetado/a Amigo/a:

Mi nombre es Marcelo G. Martorelli. Soy Profesor y Director General de Fundación PEA (PAZ, ECOLOGÍA & ARTE)  la cual es una ONG que llevamos adelante desde hace casi 7 años con mi esposa y un bellísimo grupo de amigos trabajando en Educación con niños, adolescentes y público en Gral dedicada a la Educación para la Paz, la Ecología y el Arte.

Nuestro trabajo Institucional en...  www.fundacionpea.org 

Es tan conmocionante los acontecimientos que están sucediendo en un Orden Planetario, Social e Individual que como bien comprenderás, pocos podrán entender verdaderamente la enorme proyección y magnitud de este proceso que intentaré compartir lo mas claramente posible al dejar expuesta a toda la humanidad a un nuevo "Paradigma Geográfico y Social", que este fantástico desafío puede disparar.

Dados los acontecimientos que vienen sucediendo y la excesiva "SINCRONICIDAD", sé positivamente que pocos podrán comprender completamente este proceso, pero de todas formas, debo intentarlo. Sé también que muy pocos comprendieron en su tiempo a Giordano Bruno, Copérnico, Colón, etc.,por ello considero muy importante colaborar Informando a la Humanidad ya que es a ella a quien pertenece nuestro posible descubrimiento.

¿Que pensarías si te dijera, que dentro de la Tierra, existe un Continente totalmente desconocido e inexplorado por el Hombre?

¿Que pensarías si te dijera que dentro de nuestro Planeta existe una Civilización Antiquísima, muchísimo mas avanzada que la nuestra que habita en este Continente Interno de la Tierra?

Desde tiempos inmemoriales la Humanidad ha enfrentado Grandes Misterios. El Hombre se ha visto expuesto a todo tipo de desafíos, ha posado sus ojos en las Estrellas, ha salido de su Planeta y ha puesto sus pies en la Luna.

Intentará sin duda en un futuro no muy lejano alcanzar otros Planetas y tocar las Estrellas.

La Humanidad siempre se ha visto conmocionada por el Misterio del Espacio, y por el desafío que éste representa para el Hombre.

Sin embargo muy cerca de él, bajo sus pies, un Antiquísimo Legado descansa pacientemente, un Milenario Misterio, profundo y revelador, tan desafiante como alcanzar las estrellas, tan abrumador como posar sus pies en la luna.

Este Desconocido Continente dentro de la Tierra, está entramado por una vastísima Red de Túneles que conectan con decenas de Ciudades Intraterrenas, alguna de ellas habitadas por seres de un altísimo grado de conocimiento, que custodian y preservan la Evolución Planetaria.

Diferentes Culturas de todo el Planeta han legado importantes referencias, acerca de este profundo y revelador Misterio,

¿Existe un Continente dentro de la Tierra?

¿Hay otras Humanidades dentro de nuestro Planeta?

¿Habría bajo nuestros pies civilizaciones más avanzadas que la nuestra?

Trataré de relatarte rápidamente los acontecimientos que me fueron sucediendo. El día 26 de Septiembre de 2003 llegó a mi casa un sobre con un folleto de una expedición turística y científica invitando a la primer Expedición a la Apertura Polar Norte y al Continente Interno de la Tierra, que contará con un grupo de renombrados científicos y psíquicos internacionales quienes trataran de comprobar la Teoría de la Tierra Hueca (Hollow Earth).

CLIQUEAR EN LA IMAGEN para mayor información sobre la Expedición.

Contacté inmediatamente a Steve Currey, Organizador de la Expedición, le comenté del material relacionado que tenía, y tambien que disponía de unos mapas muy especiales sobre el tema. A la semana siguiente, de la manera mas increíble me llama desde E.E.U.U. que venia para Buenos Aires a encontrarse conmigo, que había visto todo mi trabajo en la web, y que lo consideraba de lo mejor sobre el tema en nuestro país. No lo podía creer, era lo mas maravilloso y lo mas fuerte que me habia pasado en toda mi vida. Finalmente, y luego de un sinfin de "SINCRONICIDADES" tengo que confesarte amigo mio, que lloré de alegría por una semana seguida.. Y todavía lo sigo haciendo, por el inmenso agradecimiento que siento al ver manifestado el mas grande de todos mis Sueños.


Solo puedo decirles que desde que recibí la invitación:

"Cada DIA de mi vida, es el DIA mas feliz de mi vida"

En esta carta encontrarás mas información...

Respetados Amigos:

En nombre mío personal y de todo el equipo de www.erks.org desde lo mas profundo de nuestra Alma y nuestro Corazón Sinceramente, "Infinitas Gracias... Steve Currey & Rodney Cluff, por dar esta enorme oportunidad al Género Humano".


Gracias también por estar ahí, educando en Valores, investigando y soñando con el Nuevo Mundo, con un Mundo Mejor, como yo lo he hecho durante toda mi vida.


Demás esta decirles lo importante e impactante que es para mi y nuestro equipo recibir semejante noticia, como algo que siempre soñábamos pero que solo estaba relegado a nuestra imaginación.


Ahora se que existe una concreta y real posibilidad de que nuestro sueño pueda ser una revolucionaria realidad.


Al grano. La cantidad de coincidencias significativas es abrumadora. Sin lugar a duda esta oportunidad, resonó en mi interior  como el cierre de todo un profundo proceso de Transformación, Expansión de la Conciencia y Servicio que venimos realizando desde hace ya mucho tiempo.


Me he entrenado en observar atentamente esas profundas intervenciones de la Inteligencia de la Naturaleza que ajusta nuestros Destinos claramente, produciendo Sincronicidad e Interconectividad en nuestras vidas para poder alinearnos aun más a un Orden Cósmico Mayor.


Siempre supe en mi corazón que debía realizar el viaje físico a nuestra Tierra Interna, pero que primero debía aprender a relacionarme y a conocer mi propio Mundo Interno y desde allí tomar conciencia que sin este requisito, ellos jamás nos dejarían acceder a su Mundo Interno de la Tierra en el Plano Físico.


Hace unos pocos días atrás, justo el día antes de recibir el sobre del Milagro, como me gusta llamarlo, escribí:


"El Llamado de la Tierra Interna" Parte lll:  www.erks.org/homellamado.htm


No me cabía la menor duda, durante 20 años de mi vida, me he dedicado a investigar apasionadamente las civilizaciones desaparecidas, y en especial todo lo referido a: Shambhala, Agharta y ERKS (Ciudad Intraterrena Argentina ubicada debajo del Cerro Uritorco en la provincia de Córdoba).


Quien escribe fue uno de los convocados que estuvo presente allí, cuando fui invitado por el Dr. Ángel Acouglanis descubridor de la Ciudad Intraterrena de ERKS, en donde comenzó lo que marcó mi vida para siempre, allá por 1986. Hace casi 7 años Dirijo paralelamente el desarrollo de estos sitios Web.









Hace 7 años tuve casi un mes de Alta Sincronicidad en la cual me fue legado un material absolutamente ORIGINAL que data del año 1929 que es perteneciente al pintor y explorador Ruso Nicholas Roerich y Al Dr. Ricardo Rojas (prócer Argentino), que revela sucesos totalmente desconocidos para la sociedad que no daré a conocer hasta llegado el momento.


La evolución y transformación de mi vida continuo su proceso, hasta que nuevamente un flujo mas intenso todavía de coincidencias significativas se apoderó de mi nuevamente y me fue legado de una forma extremadamente extraña, hace 5 años, un juego de tres mapas totalmente diferentes entre si, del Interior de la Tierra Interna.


El fin de semana del 4 y 5 de Octubre de 2003 luego de una cantidad abrumadora de Sincronicidades, vino a visitarnos a la Argentina un ser Humano verdaderamente extraordinario, un serio y respetado profesional, nuestro amigo Steve Currey quien es el organizador de la Expedición a la Tierra Interna, con quien compartimos diversa información correspondiente.


Nuestra sorpresa fue conmocionante cuando descubrimos, que los mapas que estaban en mi poder completaban claramente los mapas que Steve tenia tornándose necesarios para poder acceder con menor riesgo dentro de nuestra Tierra Interna y realizar el viaje con total éxito.


Todo fue y va Sincronizando en forma vertiginosa e increíble sin duda podría decirles que ya se acerca el Tiempo, de completar la Masa Critica necesaria para que pueda introducirse en la Humanidad el nuevo paradigma que esta 1er Expedición al Mundo Interno de la Tierra pueda revelar a nuestro regreso.


¿Puede imaginar amigo lector, lo que puede suceder en la humanidad toda a nuestro regreso, de ser permitido nuestro acceso al Mundo Interno de la Tierra Físicamente?.


Un sueño de hace 20 años ha comenzado a hacerse una verdadera realidad, la aventura recién comienza...



Y por supuesto también Infinitas Gracias señor lector por estar ahí desde siempre acompañando nuestro trabajo y nuestros sueños mas preciados.

Intentaré en lo posible ir relatando los sucesos paso a paso no deje de chequear nuestras actualizaciones en esta web y nuestras actividades a realizar próximamente.


Hermanados en el Arcano Conocimiento

Prof. Marcelo Martorelli (Eshael)


Buenos Aires

Capital - Argentina



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