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Announcing Our Hollow Earth Expedition into the North Polar Opening

A substantial amount of unusual evidence indicates that our earth is hollow and has polar openings that lead into the interior.  There are presently hundreds of hollow earth theory fans worldwide who subscribe to this theory.  

A proposed expedition would like to conduct some scientific observations in the Arctic that we hope will resolve once and for all whether the hollow earth theory has any validity.  The indigenous Eskimos believe there is a hole in the arctic ocean.  Observations of several Arctic explorers of mirages of land in the Arctic indicate that the most plausible location for a north polar opening that leads into the interior of the earth is located at 84.4 N latitude, 141 E Longitude.  To check out this theory, a group of hollow earth believers and scientists would like to charter a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker into the Arctic sea.  

From the northern shores of Franz Josef Land, the expedition would like to first go to the North Geographic Pole and from there south on the 141st east longitude meridian.

The discovery of a verdant, green land in the arctic by arctic explorer Richard Evelyn Byrd was reportedly reached at a distance of about 1,700 statute miles.  It is uncertain from what point in the arctic he took his flight beyond the pole to reach that undiscovered land, but from any point in the arctic, 1,700 miles brings one only over land covered by ice and snow.  For example, from the New Siberian Islands to Greenland over the geographic north pole on Meridian 141 E. Longitude brings one to Greenland in only 1,450 miles. Therefore, the land Admiral Byrd discovered beyond the pole covered with lush green vegetation must be located within the North Polar Opening.
That land has been sighted out over the Arctic wastes by several different explorers from different directions at different times.  It is a land that has been sighted always in the same direction, whether seen from Greenland, Alaska or northern Russia.  The Russians called it Sannikov land, and have seen it north of the New Siberian Islands.  Admiral Peary on his way to the pole in 1909 sighted land northwest of Cape Thomas Hubbard on the northwest coast of Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada.  With him, Lt. Green, MacMillan and their Eskimos also saw it and even later went on an expedition out on the ice to find it and only turned back when their Eskimos claimed it only to be a mist.  MacMillan swore it looked every bit like real land.  Admiral Peary did also, and so he named it Crocker land.  Dr. Cook on his way to the pole in 1906 saw it also towards the northwest of his trek to the pole from Ellesmere Island, and even took a picture of it.  Then from Harrison Bay on the north coast of Alaska, Captain Keenan sighted land also towards the northwest.  Jan Lamprecht in his book, Hollow Planets, makes an excellent case that these sightings of mirages of land in the arctic, could easily actually be land within a Polar Opening, seen as a doubly inverted mirage caused by the warm air that comes up out of the polar hole.

Several of us can trace our ancestry back to the intrepid Viking explorers that settled northern Europe in the 7th century.  Some later migrated to Iceland and some even further to the west coast of Greenland.  These hardy arctic colonizers discovered every year that the more plentiful hunting was further to the north.  Then in 1721 when Greenland was resettled, it was noticed that the Viking colonists had disappeared from Greenland.  This was the subject of Arctic author Vilhajalmur Stefansson's book, Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic.  He thought they died out.  But Lt. Green discovered where they went when he befriended the Eskimos and asked them point blank.  

Coastal Trail-route northThe Eskimos told Lt. Green that the Viking colonists had migrated further and further north, then one day a hunting party returned saying they had discovered a paradise in the north -- a place the Eskimo had always known about, but generally stayed away from because they believed it to be inhabited by evil spirits.  When the Viking exploration party had returned and delivered the wonderful news of their discovery, the Eskimos say that the Viking colonists all promptly packed their bags, and singing songs, departed happily northward out over the ice and never returned.  Their cattle, chickens and other animals were later found wandering around their abandoned settlement by European visitors, but no settlers.  They didn't think to ask the Eskimos what had happened to them.  Lt. Green wrote an article in the December 1923 issue of Popular Science Monthly, that the Eskimo tradition is that out over the ice towards the northwest of Greenland, in the direction Admiral Peary sighted Crocker land and Dr. Cook sighted Bradley land, "...is a land that is warm; is clothed in summer verdure the year around; is populated by fat caribou and musk-ox.  It lies," they say even to this day, "in the direction of the coastal trail-route north."
This polar expedition proposes that we seek out that land where our cousins, the Greenland Vikings went, and visit them in their hidden land within the North Polar Opening that is within the hollow of our earth.  Indications are that that land is inhabited.  The story of the Scandinavian explorer Olaf Jansen and his father who attained that land through the north polar opening in 1829, maintains the people there are friendly, highly advanced in the sciences, arts, and geometry.  And that they are ardent worshipers of the Israelite god Jehovah, whom they believe has a throne on the sun of inner earth.  Most likely, since their god is Jehovah, these peoples of inner earth are actually the legendary Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, whom the Apocryphal author Esdras wrote, escaped the Assyrians in 687 BC and migrated to a region in the north called Arsareth, taking a year and half to reach that land.  It's a veritable paradise.  Deuteronomy 30:4 calls it the "outmost parts of heaven" where the lost tribes were driven from their original home in Palestine.  Jeremiah called it "the land of the north." (Jer. 3:12-18)  Other scriptures refer to it as the "north countries."  It is a land where there is much gold, and abundance of precious stones, metals and giant forests.  It is a veritable Garden of Eden.  Indeed, Olaf Jansen claims that this is where the original Garden of Eden is located to this day -- within Our Hollow Earth.  He was taken there on a monorail train of inner earth by friendly inner earth inhabitants.  It is located on the highest mountain plateau of the inner continent where "...all manner of fruits, vines, shrubs, trees, and flowers grow in riotous profusion.  In this garden four rivers have their source in a mighty artesian fountain.  They divide and flow in four directions.  The place is called by the inhabitants, the 'navel of the earth' or the beginning, 'the cradle of the human race.'  The names of the rivers are Euphrates, the Pison, the Gihon, and the Hiddekel." (The Smoky God, p.114)  

North Polar Opening It is hoped that this expedition can find this outmost parts of Eden, a land within the North Polar Opening at or near 84.4 N. Latitude, 141 E. Longitude, about 1,700 miles directly north of the New Siberian Islands.

For scientific purposes, gyroscopes will be taken to help determine the beginning of the entrance to inner earth.  At the geographic North Pole, a gyroscope will be set horizontally.  It will be used to detect a curvature greater than the normal earth curvature of 68.9 statute miles to a polar degree.  Entrance into a polar opening will cause the gyroscope to tip gradually vertical.  When it reaches vertical orientation, the ship should be located approximately half way through the polar opening.  The ship's radar could then be bounced off the opposite side of the opening straight above the ship to determine the diameter of the polar opening at it's neck.  A quarter of the way into the polar opening the inner sun should come within view over the horizon to the north, such as was reported by Olaf Jansen and Fridtjof Nansen.  Thermometer readings from the crows nest should show a higher temperature from air emanating from within the hollow interior of the earth, than air down next to the ice.  Temperatures farther south should be colder than further north with a north wind, such as was reported by Fridtjof Nansen.  The sea should be tested periodically to find that point on the polar lip where centrifugal force separates the salt from the fresh water from iceberg melt water leaving fresh water on the surface of the ocean, as reported by Olaf Jansen and Fridtjof Nansen.  A lookout should be maintained for drift wood, plants, dirt and rocks scraped off inner earth river banks and deposited on the icebergs as they were pushed out to sea.  Land will be expected to be reached at a distance of about 1,700 statute miles north of the northernmost coast of Arctic lands, as reported by Admiral Byrd.  Large rivers emptying into the sea should be found with land covered with lush vegetation.  The inhabitants of inner earth will likely contact us with one of their ships or flying saucer type craft.  Permission will be requested from them for further entrance into their world domain.  Descendants of the original Lost Tribes and Viking colonists will hopefully be found there.

With the verification that Our Earth IS indeed hollow with polar openings into the interior where descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel and Greenland Viking colonists live, a revolutionary change will be required in all areas of history, education, the sciences and art.  The theory of gravity will have to be revised to account for an inner earth surface upon which people can dwell normal earth-bound lives with their feet firmly planted on the ground, and not floating around in zero gravity, as orthodox science maintains would be the case in a hollow earth.  The theory of evolution will be dealt a decisive blow with the establishment of the location of the actual, original Garden of Eden, indicating the historical accuracy of the Bible and the reality of our first parents, Adam and Eve.  For example, in the Lost Books of the Bible, in the Book of Adam and Eve, is given to understand our first parents originated from inner earth.  After being driven from the Garden of Eden by God for partaking of the forbidden fruit, they were told to dwell in the Cave of Treasures, where they got lost.  When they finally found their way out, the sun that came up in the morning was different than the soft sun light that shown in the Garden of Eden.  This new sun burned them.  Our hotter, harsher sun that shines on the outside of our world, is different from that sun that shines in the Garden of Eden.

Would you be interested in attempting to locate the North Polar Opening into Inner Earth with us on an expedition to Our Hollow Earth via the North Polar Opening?  Be prepared to be astounded, amazed and exhilarated!

A Russian Nuclear Icebreaker with 70,000 horsepower and a range of 4 years, that cuts through the ice like butter will be at our disposal.  This ship has it all.  We will be traveling through the most hostile climate and conditions on earth with the utmost in comfort and ease.  It is a veritable motel on ice.

All interested parties are encouraged to
visit www.ourhollowearth.com/VoyagetoHollowEarth.htm
to sign up for this historic expedition.

You can find a full color expedition brochure in Adobe PDF format online at

Come with us on Our Hollow Earth Expedition.  Now is your chance to discover first hand what you have been waiting for all your life.

All expedition members do realize that in joining this expedition, there is no guarantee we will reach Inner Earth.  A good faith effort will be made to locate the north polar opening and enter therein, but as in any arctic expedition, we will be at the mercy of the ice, weather and sea conditions.

See you all there!

Next Year in Eden!

Rodney M. Cluff, Author
World Top Secret:  Our Earth Is Hollow!

Steve C. Currey, President,
Steve Currey's Expedition Company


P.S.  If in the event we are unable to locate the North Polar Opening and enter into Inner Earth, we will continue south on the 141st Meridian from the geographic North Pole to the New Siberian Islands and spend a couple of days there checking out the exotic animal remains thought by Hollow Earth researchers to be of inner earth origin.

On the northern shores of the New Siberian Islands, we would look for the legendary deposits of mammoth skeletons and other exotic wildlife remains deposited after originating from a land within the North Polar Opening, according to Hollow Earth theorists. Rivers that empty into the Arctic ocean from inner earth, are covered with ice in winter, where animals wandering from nearby pastures sometimes fall into the crevasses in the ice and are instantly frozen.  Later when the rays of the summer sun shine through the polar opening, the inner earth rivers thaw out and push their freshwater icebergs out to sea loaded with their loads of frozen dead animals.  Thus remains of woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer, mammoth and foxes and a hardy breed of horse which scientists claim are all prehistoric are preserved in the Arctic ice, but which Hollow Earth theorists claim more than likely come from inside the earth through the north polar opening, floating out in their tombs of ice, later unloading them onto arctic shores.

To reserve your place on the Voyage to Our Hollow Earth expedition cruise, call Steve Currey toll free at 1-800-937-7238, or fill out and mail in the reservation form on his website at:


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Steve or write him at

Terms & Conditions

TRIP DATE: June 26, 2005 ‑ July 19, 2005


STANDARD TWIN: U$S 18,950 per person ‑ 34 cabins available

MINI SUITE TWIN: U$S 19,950 per person ‑ 9 cabins available

SUITE TWIN: U$S 20,950 per person ‑ 11 cabins available

**All Cabins are double occupancy, first come‑first serve. Standard twin cabins are available for single occupancy at 1.7 times the share price.


25% deposit to book trip (non‑refundable)

20% June 2004

20% Dec. 2004

35% June 2005

PAYMENTS: Participants may pay for space on Our Hollow Earth expedition by check, money order in US dollars or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). Payments should be directed to: The Expedition Company, P.O. Box 1574, Provo, Utah 84603. Tel: 800‑937‑7238, Fax: 801‑426‑4905.

UPON REGISTRATION participants will receive a pre‑departure information packet including written trip confirmation, detailed itinerary, a recommended reading list and an information bulletin detailing health recommendations, visa requirements, climate advisory, clothing and equipment list, travel insurance packet and other travel tips. All participants must book their own round trip air from their hometown to Moscow/Murmansk, Russia. We recommend that participants contact Over‑Seas Travel (800) 968‑1711 for air arrangements and fare quotes.


Forfeit 25% trip deposit if cancel on or before December 2003

Forfeit 75% trip deposit if cancel on or before December 2004

Forfeit 100% trip deposit if cancel after December 2004

AIR TRANSPORTATION FROM YOUR HOMETOWN TO MOSCOW/MURMANSK AND RETURN: We encourage participants to call our in‑house Travel Department: Over‑Seas Travel, headed by Betty Leasure in Salt Lake City, Utah (800) 968‑1711. Betty can assist you in quoting round trip airfares from your hometown to Moscow/Murinansk, Russia. TRAVEL & CANCELLATION INSURANCE: We strongly recommend that you protect yourself and your baggage with a short terin traveler's insurance policy as well as cancellation Insurance. Baggage is carried entirely at owner's risk. Steve Currey Expeditions assumes no liability whatsoever for damage, loss or delay of property. Trip Cancellation Insurance will cover your losses on nonrefundable air and land costs on trips cancelled due to illness. Please contact our travel department at Over‑Seas Travel to receive a Traveler's Insurance Package and quotes.

RESPONSIBILITY: delays and expenses arising from Steve Currey Expeditions Inc, dba The Expedition Company and cooperating agencies act only in the capacity of agent for afl matters relating to transportation and/or all other related travel services and assume no responsibility howsoever caused for injury, loss or darnage, to person or property in connections with any service, including but not limited to that resulting direaly or indirealy from natural disaster, detention, annoyance, quarantine, strikes, thefts, pilferage, force nature, act of God, failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, govermnent restrictions or regulation, discrepancies or change in transit over which Steve Currey Expeditions Inc, dba The Expedition Company has no control. Air Schedules are subject to change. Trip arrangements are made more than a year in advance, and unforeseen conditions that mandate changes may arise. We are also continually seeking ways to improve our expeditions and from time to time make changes that will provide participants with an even more enjoyable and rewarding experience. We reserve the right to cancel any expedition or tour prior to departure due to Political climate, insufficient registration, Sea conditions/extreme weather conditions, sickness or other conditions beyond our control. In such a case, FULL refund of any monies received by Steve Currey Expeditions Inc, dba The Expedition Company will be refunded to the customer and will constitute fall settlement.

ADD‑ONS: Pre‑trip extensions available to St. Petersburg. Please contact our travel department at: Over‑Seas Travel 1‑800‑968‑1711.

INCLUDED: Voyage aboard the Yamal as indicated in the Itinerary. Hotel accommodations in a shared twin room for two nights with breakfást in Moscow. Sightseeing in Moscow. All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by Zodiac and/or helicopter (as included in group excursions with no specific amount of helicopter time guaranteed). Program of lectures by noted naturalists and leadership provided by experienced expedition staff. All meals aboard ship. Comprehensive pre‑departure materials and Arctic handbook. Transfers and baggage handling between the hotels, airports and ship as indicated in the Itinerary. All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program. Special expedition parka. Detailed post‑expedition log. Free Video of the Completed Expedition.

NOT‑INCLUDED: Airfares from passenger Hometown to and from Moscow/Murinansk, Russia, whether on scheduled or charter flights; passport and visa expenses; govermnent arrival and departure taxes; meals ashore and supplement for single hotel accormnodations; Personal, cancellation and baggage insurance (which is strongly recommended); excess baggage charges and all items of a personal nature such as laundry, bar and beverage charges and telecommunication charges; and the customary gratuity at the end of the voyage for the stewards and others who have served you aboard (guidelines will be provided).

BOOKING INFORMATION: Make a Reservation Today! Or call 1‑800‑937‑7238 (RAFT) for more information concerning the world's best vacation adventures!












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